California Needs Transportation Funding

The California Alliance for Jobs works with elected officials throughout California and in Washington D.C. to advocate for investing in our state’s streets, roads, and bridges.

California’s once great network of roads and highways is now in pitiful and dangerous shape – the backlog for state infrastructure is estimated to be around $59 billion while local roads and streets need almost $80 billion to bring them to optimal safety condition levels. California has the second-highest share of roads in poor condition in the country and one in four of the state’s bridges need to be repaired or replaced.

Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders have called a long-term funding solution for transportation a priority in 2017. This legislative session, Senator Jim Beall and Assemblyman Jim Frazier have each authored bills providing $6 billion annually to address transportation infrastructure and transit. Governor Brown’s 2017 budget plan allocates $4.3 billion annually for transportation infrastructure and transit.

California’s roads are currently underfunded by around $11 billion each year, resulting in the state losing almost $60 billion in economic activity. Bad roads cost California drivers around $2,000 per driver per year.