Updating California’s Water Infrastructure

California is in the midst of a severe, multi-year drought that challenges the state’s economy and California residents’ health. Facing this situation, voters in 2014 approved Proposition 1 (Prop. 1), the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014.

The California Alliance for Jobs is focused on two major initiatives designed to improve the state’s water storage and delivery systems, while also increasing environmental protection.

Implementing the Water Bond

Prop. 1 provided California with $7.5 billion worth of general obligation bonds to improve the state’s water system. Prop. 1 included $2.7 billion for new infrastructure to increase California’s water storage capacity.

More storage is needed to provide for California’s population as it grows over the next 30 years and to adapt as the effects of climate change shift the state’s water source away from the Sierra snowpack and likely towards more rain.

In this effort, the Alliance is working with our partners and stakeholders to ensure California invests in water projects that will ensure sufficient storage capacity for the years to come as well as improves California’s long-term water situation.



California Water Fix

The California Water Fix would improve the safety of the water system and protect water supplies. Under Governor Jerry Brown’s plan, the state would build a modern water pipeline under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This pipeline would protect water supplies from future earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters as well as improving the ability to move water to storage facilities throughout the state. The restoration of natural flows achieved with construction of the pipeline would also restore the Delta environment and protect endangered and threatened species.