Protecting Local Transportation Investments

Senate Bill 1’s (SB1) passage was a once-in-a-generation piece of legislation that provides California with over $5B in annual investments for transportation infrastructure. The Alliance and our partners are working to make sure transportation funding goes to transportation projects. The Alliance is also leading a coalition to protect SB1’s $5B annual transportation infrastructure investment for future generations. California is finally addressing the $100B-plus backlog in transportation infrastructure and the Alliance, our coalition partners, and the state transportation agency are working to protect the local transportation improvements that SB1 provides to our state.

Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements

The Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements (formerly Fix Our Roads) is a diverse coalition of stakeholders from local government, labor, public interest, social justice, business, and transportation and infrastructure groups. The goals of the CPTLI are simple: ensure the passage of Proposition 69 during the June 2018 election and protect the funds that provide local transportation improvements for California communities. Proposition 69 would prohibit the legislature from diverting new transportation funds from SB1 and ensures the funds can only be used on transportation projects. Passing Proposition 69 extends current state constitution protections to new revenues generated by SB1 that are no currently protected. The Proposition also guarantees transportation funding can only be used on transportation improvement purposes.

The Coalition played a critical role in passing SB1 in 2017 and is working to ensure the transportation funds go towards safety projects such as repaving and repairing the state’s roads and bridges. As SB1 opponents gear up to try and repeal the transportation funding measure, the Alliance and other Coalition members will work to protect the investments that SB1 provides to communities all over California.For more information on how to support the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements, click here.

Rebuilding California 

SB1 provides California with $54B over the next decade to fix roads, freeways and bridges in communities across California and puts more dollars towards transit and safety. The California State Transportation Agency’s RebuildingCA website shows how SB1 dollars are going towards congestion relief, trade corridor improvements, improve transit/rail travel, and active transportation projects. The CalSTA site also shows what projects are happening in your community. For more information on how SB1 funds are rebuilding California, click here.