If Republicans have their way, California highways stand to lose big under Trump’s infrastructure plan

President Trump’s infrastructure proposal isn’t worth much. And what it is worth for California, the state’s Republican delegation in Congress is trying to destroy. That’s the irony. More precisely, it’s cynical politics outweighing needed public works. This is what I mean: Under Trump’s plan, the federal government would pay for 20% of a major infrastructure […]

SB1 has Fast-Tracked Road Repair Projects throughout California

Three months after the state began collecting an extra 12 cents per gallon in gas taxes, officials have put dozens of road and bridge repair projects on the fast track. With momentum growing for a Republican-led campaign to repeal the gas tax hike, nervous proponents of the higher charges are hoping the flurry of construction […]

Alliance to Governor Brown on Promise to Protect SB1: “We have your back!”

Sacramento – Today, representatives of the Fix Our Roads coalition and the new ballot measure committee, the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements, praised statements made by Governor Jerry Brown in his final State of the State address. Governor Brown reiterated his strong support for Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and vowed […]