Coalition Announces Support of Governor Newsom’s Infrastructure Streamlining Package

Over 110 California labor, clean energy, business, water, and agriculture leaders
urge the state legislature to pass Governor Gavin Newsom’s streamlining proposal
to reduce construction barriers for critically-needed infrastructure projects

A powerful coalition composed of the California Alliance for Jobs, as well as labor unions, businesses, ethnic business leaders, and more are rallying behind Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget plan to streamline critical infrastructure projects.

Recognizing the urgent need to accelerate energy, water, and transportation infrastructure projects, this comprehensive package is critical to achieving California’s world-leading climate goals. Simultaneously, it lays the foundation for a resilient economy, creating hundreds of thousands of family-supporting, union construction careers.

Through streamlined permitting, the reduction of burdensome red tape, and the mitigation of time-consuming litigation, these proposals will significantly improve project timelines, saving taxpayers, state and local governments, and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. #BuildingMoreCAJobs

In a June 5th letter to the Legislature, the groups urged quick action saying, “the infrastructure streamlining package is essential to accelerate critical energy, water and transportation infrastructure projects we need to achieve California’s world-leading climate goals while also preparing our economy for the future and creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying, union construction careers.”