Coalition Announces Support of Governor Newsom’s Infrastructure Streamlining Package

Over 110 California labor, clean energy, business, water, and agriculture leaders urge the state legislature to pass Governor Gavin Newsom’s streamlining proposal to reduce construction barriers for critically-needed infrastructure projects A powerful coalition composed of the California Alliance for Jobs, as well as labor unions, businesses, ethnic business leaders, and more are rallying behind Governor […]

Water Infrastructure is Vital to California   

Water infrastructure is vital to the prosperity of California. As climate change continues to drive frequent weather extremes, including recent storm conditions, atmospheric rivers, and other weather whiplash events, water supplies will remain strained so long as we do not have the infrastructure to manage them. To adapt water operations and respond to our state’s […]

Sacramento Business Journal: Climate change has created urgent need for the Delta Conveyance Project as a sustainable water source

Experts are ringing alarm bells. The climate crisis is here already. Simply standing by and doing nothing is not an option. We should not wait another day to plan for California’s future and implement a reliable water system to sustain our way of life in California. We must act now before it’s too late.