Fix Our Roads Coalition Issues Statement in Response to CARB Vote

We support California’s transition to cleaner cars. But we are disappointed that CARB and the Administration completely failed to address the gaping hole that will be blown in our state’s transportation infrastructure funding as we transition away from internal combustion engine vehicles.

As Environmental Impact Report is Released, Broad Coalition Supports Governor Newsom’s Plan to Fix California’s Aging Water Distribution Infrastructure

“There are few things more important for the security of our state than a reliable water supply,” said Michael Quigley, Executive Director of the California Alliance for Jobs, a labor management partnership. “But California’s main water distribution system that supplies water to 2/3 of our state’s families, farms and businesses is aging and at risk of collapse. We must take steps now to fix our aging water distribution infrastructure to protect the safety and reliability of our state’s water supply. Inaction is not an option.”

Manny Leon Joins CAJ as Deputy Director

Manny is responsible for transportation policy, regulatory, and legislative affairs, representing over 2,000 heavy construction companies and 80,000 union construction workers across California. Prior, he served as vice president of government relations for the Associated General Contractors of California and the principal consultant to the California State Senate Committee on Transportation, and senior consultant for the California State Assembly Transportation Committee.