CBS Bay Area: California’s move from gas-fueled cars comes with revenue loss

EXCERPT: One estimate is that, by 2040, the state will be short $30 billion due to lost gas-tax revenue.

That money goes to fund a majority of infrastructure projects and without it there may be a bumpy road ahead for California drivers.

“We move to an all-electric fleet, we are going to structurally defund our transportation system,” said Michael Quigley with the Fix Our Roads Coalition.

Quigley feels that the hard deadline of 2035 to go electric will be a tough one to meet.

“We support the transition to the green future. We believe climate change is real and needs to be addressed however we can’t do it in a way that totally disrupts our society,” he added.

The Fix Our Roads coalition is asking the governor and California Air Resources Board to identify alternate sources of revenue but nothing has been formally determined yet.