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    More Transportation Demands, Fewer Dollars

    California is facing a Transportation Fiscal Cliff that will see funding cut in half. Learn more. Watch our videos. Learn about possible solutions. And listen to our radio commercial.

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    Diverted Funds Needed to Fix Roads

    The Alliance has asked the Governor and Legislature to return truck weight fees to their original purpose — fixing the roads. Read the letter, watch our new video, listen to our new radio commercial and learn more.

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    Water System Needs Updating

    We’re in a drought, and more water storage is needed to stave off future ones. Read more. And watch our video showing the effects on Folsom Lake.

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    Check out our growing video library

    Alliance videos clearly show the importance of maintaining and rebuilding our transportation and water systems.

A Prosperous Future for All Californians

The California Alliance for Jobs promotes responsible investment in public works projects necessary for modern living. Our members build the streets, highways, bridges, railways, sewers and parks. Smart infrastructure investments create jobs, help boost the economy and create a prosperous future for Californians.

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