• Cracked pavement for slider

    Latest blow makes finding solution more urgent

    Read more about how we can begin fixing our roads

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    Bad Roads Tour shows how bad our streets and roads are

    Watch our latest video, and check out our first Bad Roads Tour video as well.

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    State's roads are more embarrassing than Lady Gaga's meat suit

    But for just a quarter per day, we can start catching up. Listen here.

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    California Water Fix and water bond can help

    Let’s improve state’s water supply and reliability. Learn more.

A Prosperous Future for All Californians

The California Alliance for Jobs promotes responsible investment in public works projects necessary for modern living. Our members build the streets, highways, bridges, railways, sewers and parks. Smart infrastructure investments create jobs, help boost the economy and create a prosperous future for Californians.

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Jim Earp Announces Retirement...

Dear Friends It was on March 26, 1976 that I drove my ’67 Olds into San Francisco’s Mission District to…

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We’ve fallen over the Transportation Fiscal Cliff...

Phase 3 of the project to widen the Highway 4/I-680 interchange in Contra Costa County. Phase 1 of a project…

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Governor keeps pushing for road repairs, water projects...

Governor Jerry Brown used his State of the State address yesterday to urge lawmakers to fix our roads and take…

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