Campaign Launches to Protect Construction Careers

The California Alliance for Jobs is committed to protecting construction careers.

Over 600,000 women and men in California work in construction trades. Construction work is more than just a job. These are highly skilled, highly trained middle-class union careers that support families and entire communities–people of color, second chancers, immigrants, and those without college degrees.

Union construction workers are building the middle class by proudly building California’s backbone infrastructure of roads, bridges, water, energy, schools, housing, hospitals, warehouses, and more. Lawmakers and regulators are considering dozens of laws and regulations that could threaten our infrastructure and the union construction workers that build it all.

We ask lawmakers to pursue a balanced approach and protect the infrastructure and investments that support hundreds of thousands of union careers — instead of

  • Threatening to eliminate or reduce transportation projects
  • Failing to support water infrastructure needed to fuel our homes, farms, and businesses
  • Derailing housing and commercial development
  • Blocking warehouses that get consumers the goods they want quickly and affordably

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