Water Infrastructure is Vital to California   

Water infrastructure is vital to the prosperity of California.

As climate change continues to drive frequent weather extremes, including recent storm conditions, atmospheric rivers, and other weather whiplash events, water supplies will remain strained so long as we do not have the infrastructure to manage them. To adapt water operations and respond to our state’s changing climate, investing in and modernizing the systems used to capture, store, treat, and deliver the water that fuels our state will be crucial.

What is water infrastructure? From aqueducts that carry water supplies throughout the state to water treatment plants that ensure the safety of the water that flows from our taps, water infrastructure plays a vital role in quenching California. Water infrastructure systems also enable us to adapt to our changing climate: storing excess water in wet years for use in dry ones, transporting available supplies to where they’re needed most, and recycling wastewater to expand our local water resources. 

To meet California’s future water needs, additional water infrastructure projects will be both expensive and expansive, which is why we will need both state and federal support and partnerships to succeed.

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