Fix Our Roads Coalition Issues Statement in Response to CARB Vote


Michael Quigley, Executive Director of the California Alliance for Jobs said, “We support California’s transition to cleaner cars. But we are disappointed that CARB and the Administration completely failed to address the gaping hole that will be blown in our state’s transportation infrastructure funding as we transition away from internal combustion engine vehicles. Losing tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure funding will decimate the quality of our roads and bridges, jeopardize safety, decrease mobility, cripple public transit, and result in more traffic congestion. Furthermore, reductions in funding of that magnitude will destroy hundreds of thousands of middle-class construction careers. We need California’s leaders to come up with solutions to replace this funding now rather than waiting until it’s too late.”

CARB’s own analysis estimates a loss of $30 billion in transportation infrastructure funds just in the next two decades due to the decline in gasoline consumption – California’s primary source of transportation infrastructure funding. Local governments will also lose tens of billions in gasoline sales and excise taxes dedicated to transportation improvement projects.